A downloadable Shabby thing for Windows and macOS

Made in 5.5 days for the 2019 SubZero Festival in San Jose, California

I grabbed + modded a lot of the art + music from google/youtube searches and modified them- so credit for the original art goes to those creators- if I had more time I'd find and attribute them but I had to work fast and the game is free so ^_^

Thx to Spooktergeist for doin a super fast art job for me to get this done- he drew the "Base building" for dat Btc maaaaaaaan

Thx to the creator of NavMeshPlus that allows 2d Navmesh generation in Unity https://github.com/h8man/NavMeshPlus

Install instructions

Mapped for a usb NES gamepad but should work with any- playable on keyboard/mouse but it makes the angles difficult-


ShabbyTownBreakBall_mac.zip 31 MB
ShabbyTownBreakball_Pc.zip 31 MB


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hey I dig your stuff man, it would be cool to collaborate on something.