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You are powerless in a terrifying and mysterious place filled with monsters. Can you make it through the darkness? Or are you just POWERLESS?

WASD to move

Arrow keys + Enter key to navigate dialogs

Q change ammo- E change item

L-click fire weapon R-click use item

Y- pause game U- restart game Esc- Quit game


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POWERLESS_Linux.zip 171 MB
POWERLESS_Mac.zip 171 MB


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I did it! I finally completed this game!  The entire thing is super confusing and things dont always work right at times but all in all I really like it.  Some mechanics could use improvement and it could help if some questions were answered about the game but with a lot of work I was able to pull it out!  Hopefully my video can help anyone getting stuck, it ended up being a super fun puzzle game!

how scary is it



I don't understand... too dark you can barely see, you can't answer the monolith cause you can't use your mouse anyway possible and you can't fire your gun even if you have ammo (besides 1 shot isn't even enough)

Hey, this game seems really cool, liked the first scene but encountered the same bug as schilcote but I didn't press or click anything and still cannot get it to work :( I'd really appreciate some help, I like the style and wanna play!

That was pretty off the wall, fun as well. Nice job.

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It just crashes at the end of the first cutscene.


Oh, no, it looks like you just don't respond to events when the "static-y eyes" thing is up and if the player clicks or presses buttons Windows thinks it's frozen.

Are you gonna make a second one? (: If so I'll be waiting haha