A downloadable interactive film for Windows

[[[WE recommend downloading and installing M doll with the Itch.io app. It makes game updates MUCH smaller and it makes M doll easier to setup so get the app!]]]

[[[THANKS to itch.io for allowing dev's to post innovative work on their platform and for giving us such great flexibility. Steam banned this because it has anything to do with blockchain 0_0]]]

A doll falls into a dark world inside an interactive full length film. You can JUMP from any scene in the film to an interactive 3d version of the scene and back! Experience a film in an entirely new way. Available in DVD++ and VHS++

While watching the film you can "jump into" the scenes with the press of a button. Once inside these scenes you take control of a "Soul". 

With the Soul you are free to explore the scene in both third person and first person mode. You can also play/pause the active cutscene as well as playback director commentary. If you look around you might find other interesting things in the scenes.

Also, we think the movie itself is pretty gud.

There is only ONE M DOLL NFT, you can verify its validity while watching.

M doll Nft Erc721 token contract

M doll NFT @Rarible


M doll OST by Yeltsin is Illuminati

Chiptune Classical Soundtrack by Eithereor X

Harsh Noisetrack by Cementimental

M Soundtrack by M dot Strange

Dolloween Soundtrack by Miguelito Myers

For more info go to mdollmovie.com

Making of M doll wiki

Release date Oct 01, 2021
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorImagination Rabbit
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withCinema 4D, FL Studio, Unity, Aseprite
TagsAnime, Dark, mind-bending, Pixel Art, Retro, stop-motion, Story Rich, video
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller, Joystick
LinksHomepage, Blog, YouTube


M doll 4k VIDEO file 20 GB
Version 2 Oct 21, 2021
M doll 1080p VIDEO file 7 GB
Version 2 Oct 21, 2021
M doll 720p VIDEO file 2 GB
Version 2 Oct 21, 2021
M doll Interactive Film 7 GB
Version 16 Nov 07, 2021
"M Soundtrack" by M dot Strange (4 hours of original music) 451 MB
MdollActorBook.pdf 96 MB
M doll Quick Reference Manual.pdf 81 kB

Install instructions

IMPORTANT! !!!!!! READ ME!!!!!

In order for M doll to work you need to download at least TWO things

  1.  The M doll Interactive Film (windows executable)
  2. One of the M doll video files available- You just need to choose one video.

Here is how to setup M doll using the itch.io app you can follow the text below or watch the Youtube tutorial

Written instructions for install using App

  1. Click install for the M doll Interactive film
  2. Make a new location somewhere on your computer that you can access easily
  3. Install the M doll Interactive Film using the app into that new location
  4. Click the gear icon next to the "Install" button at the bottom right corner
  5. Choose ONE of the video files,  before you install it you need to make a new location for it to be installed
  6. You'll need to save it inside the M doll Interactive Film folder you downloaded in step 1
  7. From inside the M_doll folder find the M Doll_Data folder
  8. From inside the M Doll_Data folder find the StreamingAssets folder
  9. Set the install location to the StreamingAssets folder
  10. Install the video inside that location
  11. Start the M doll Interactive film

If you are not using the Itch.io app which we don't recommend, here is the information you need.

  • Once you have a video file downloaded, unzip it and locate the "Mdoll" video file
  • Unzip and open the M doll game folder you just downloaded and you'll see a folder called "M doll_Data" - see the image below for an example
  • Open that folder and you'll see a folder called "StreamingAssets" - see the image below for an example

  • Put the "Mdoll" video file in the "StreamingAssets" folder - it should look like the below image inside that folder

  • So the video file should be at M_doll/Mdoll_Data/StreamingAssets/Mdoll
  • You can now start the game by double clicking the M doll.exe. It will not prompt you to download a copy of the movie if you followed the steps correctly.

* If no video file is present when you start the game you have the option of downloading it from inside the game and it will put it in the folder for you BUT it uses InternetArchive which can be REALLY SLOW

* as a side note the game will play any mp4 file named "Mdoll" as if it were the film if you place it in the folder. Maybe the soundtrack matches up with Wizard Of Oz?

Development log